The Crown Plaza is a mixed-use project consisting of 3 buildings that encompass approximately 11 acres located adjacent to Route 111.  The client for this project has obtained a conditional approval for a limited access to the State highway Route 111 being the only individual, to date, to obtain such an approval.  The reconnection to Route 111 is the driving force to providing a commercial center for the local community which is desperately needed. The Crown Plaza will consist of a 5,000 sf gas/convenience store, a 5,000 sf Italian restaurant and a 46,000 sf retail footprint housing various stores.  Proposed stores include, a Chinese take-out restaurant, women’s and men’s clothing, women’s and men’s shoes store, pharmacy, bank and a dry cleaners to name a few. The Crown Plaza is located in Danville, NH adjacent to The Royal Crest of Danville site.  With The Crown Plaza’s strategic location, seniors as well as the local community neighbors will have easy access to everyday living.