Low-rise, high density housing breaks categories (NEREJ, March 1 2019)


Here is our article on the counterintuitive opportunity for developers, which ran in the New England Real Estate Journal Mar 1-7, 2019. The in-article 3D-rendering is by Michael Ordway.

What’s new is an opportunity to develop in zoning-constrained neighborhoods and locations.

If there is anything that breaks categories, it’s low-rise, high density housing, which for practical purposes, we will define as being 4 (or 5) stories tall, usually with a commercial or retail first-floor platform. This model has a number of advantages:

  • Lower development cost;
  • Public-transportation friendly in zoning-encumbered inner suburbs;
  • Ideal for low-income and mixed-income development;
  • Can be wrapped around (or shelter) open space;
  • Downtown-quality first floor retail space is almost always an upgrade;
  • and family friendly.

It is, in fact, so useful, you can find some striking examples of the form in the rapidly-gentrifying Boston neighborhoods around Andrew Square (Dorchester and South Boston).

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 NEREJ Tom House March 1-7 2019